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Work with the Algorithm 2020

Instagram algorithm got us like 😝🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ so let’s try and break it down ⬇️

The algorithm is maintained by machine learning that is constantly changing depending on the data we feed it by using the app.

Basically Instagram tries to work out “what we want to see on the daily”.

⚠️Rumour has it that only 10% of our audience actually see our posts so your going to want to listen up on these next tips girlfriends💕

The new algorithm can be our new bff by giving it what it wants:

- Engagement 💬💕 DM & Comment to your followers! You want to tell Instagram “these are my peeps” & Create content that you feel your audience will want to engage with! (This is where having a Social Media Content Strategy is a MUST💯) If you do not have one content us so we can hook you up!

-TIME🕑 Post frequently & Post when your followers are most online! If your community are night owls post that piece at 9:30pm instead of 7am when they may be 😴👊🏻


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