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What the F**K is Content Marketing???

Content Marketing is the term used for creating pieces of content relevant to your market audience, it is not always the direct goal to sell a product or service but to create brand awareness and grow a strong online community.

There are multiple types of content that can be created to be seen as beneficial by your customers and help them to make purchasing decisions without feeling that are just being sold to. Some types of different content include;

- Infographics

- Blogs

- Listicles

- Video

- Images

There are then also content pillars that can be used to plan out your content and assure you are continuing to engage your audience, such as;

- Entertain

- Curate

- Informative

- Educate

To help you understand how a piece of content can be used please look at the example below for (EDUCATE)

A hairdresser may decide to do a infographic on different hair-types and which shampoos work best for each, this does not mean the business has to directly advertise their brand of shampoo but more the ingredients that would benefit (Oily hair may advise ingredient X will help reduce oil)

To the customer, reading this information they are gaining knowledge from the brand, which in turn helps the brand be seen as authentic and gain trust.

You will not see an immediate ROI from content marketing but over time will see that your brand awareness and online community will grow.

Same with an ENTERTAIN post, if a customer finds this post funny they may choose to hit like & share which in turn, their friends see this image, they share, their friends see this image they share …. Let's imagine that because these customers liked and shared this post they also decide to go over and join the business page.

So from one post having nothing to do with a product/service related directly to this brand has now gained a larger community and more brand awareness which in turn now has the potential to do a promotion at a later date to a larger audience which will give a larger ROI.

It is so important that before you decide to just start creating content, you have a Content Strategy.

If you need help with your Content Strategy,


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